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The Sectors We Provide Service for

-Textile                                 -Chemistry

-Food and Beverages          -Plaza and Sites

-Leather                               -White appliances


-Hotels and Accommodation Sites

-Olympic swimming pool

Laboratory services

In our general laboratory is located in our center office in istanbul, all chemical measurements are made according to the appropriate standards.

Our Services

Our company employees, managers, technical service personnel, central and branch laboratory staff are chemistry engineers and they provide services related to 6 months of special training and informing positions

1. Products suitable for environmental health

2. Solutions to customer problems

3. Fast and quality service

4.Our project services

We are targeting 100% customer satisfaction in all our services.

You can contact us to find answers to your problems or to get detailed information about our services.



Flue Gas Analysis Measurement

It includes the measurement of waste gases that are formed as a result of various activities or are thrown into the atmosphere through the chimney. 'Regulation on Control of Industrial Air Pollution' has defined 'legal emission limits' for industrial plants and all plants are obliged to keep their emissions under control and to declare their pollutant properties in relation to their production type and size. The emission measurement report for companies in scope is valid for two years.

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