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Increasing demand for swimming pools has made water quality an indispensable part of the conditioning program, which requires constant monitoring. Turkey has a great potential for tourism with its numerous facilities in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions and welcomes more than ten million people every year. The swimming pools in the tourist areas should be well managed and operated in order to ensure the continuity of this great economic entrepreneur. For this purpose, the mechanical and chemical processes that have to be applied in order to reach the required standards of pool water quality have been examined. In addition, different disinfectant alternatives have been investigated and water balance parameters have been evaluated. Pool water samples were taken from different pools at different times and analyzed to determine if they meet the standards. The results showed that the most disinfectant was chlorine (Cl) in the pools. Chlorine has been found to fall below standards at certain times, often providing the required standards. It is imperative that a continuous and strict management program be implemented in the pools to prevent health problems that may be transmitted by water.

* Free Cl (Chlorine)                    : 0.8-2.0 ppm

* Chlorine bound                       : max. 0.6 ppm

* pH                                             : 7,20-7,80

* Total Alkali                               : 50-100 ppm (CaCO3)

* Hardness                                 : 100-500 ppm (CaCO3)

* Total Dissolved Madd            : must be less than 1500 ppm.

Suggested Values ​​for Pool Water
Classification of Swimming Pools (Volumetric)

-Private Pools <200 m3

-Outdoor Pools

-Total 200-3000m3 Indoor and Outdoor Pools -Original & Private Pools 400-3000m3

-Aqua Parks> 3000m3 Outdoor Pools

The water capacity needs to be calculated in order to implement a complete water conditioning program.

Important Parameters for Pool Design

-Maximum user capacity

- Recommended pool water circulation times

-The maximum temperature

-Denge tanks -Circulation & cycle periods

You can ask us for the reasons, effects and solutions of the problems you encounter in our pools. 

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Examples of Pools without Regular Maintenance

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