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Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of protective chemicals, the system ensures that it works at the most appropriate control parameters, so that the water can completely eliminate the potential risks that may be caused.

What is water treatment?

What Can Happen Without Regular Maintenance?

Corrosion, accumulation of water, entrainment of water together with foaming and vapor, deposit (precipitation of suspended solids), bacterial contamination (Fouling)

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is the process of electrochemical rotation of metals in the system from the elemental form to the natural state

what is scale?

Solid substances dissolved in water tend to precipitate in places where they are separated by separating from water phase under certain conditions. Normally, the more we know about salt and sugar, the more they dissolve in water. On the contrary, they are very crystalline. Calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, siliceous deposits, which cause the most problems in the settlement, move in the opposite direction. Normally, when there is no sedimentation tendency, the water tends to lose its solubility and become a deposit.

What is bacterial contamination?

Living in a watery environment in the living organisms living organisms in industrial facilities, if not taken measures to bring problems to breed problems can bring. Bacterial contamination corrosion accelerates the formation of deposits with the cause of severe thermal insulation.

What procedures should be taken before water is taken into operation?

Sedimentation, Aeration, Ventilation, Precipitation, Filtration.

What are the Water Softening Methods?

Resin based water treatment devices, Deionized devices, Reseve osmos system.

What is Deposition?

Deposition of solid materials suspended in water in a certain place depending on the internal dynamics of the system is called deposit.

What is the profit of the application of water treatment program?

Prevention of problems such as lime and corrosion which may occur in water, efficient heat transfer, periodic cleaning of the boiler, reduction of fuel costs, more cycle and less water use etc. Water conditioning programs it is very important to be able to use the boilers in the long term without problems and serious profit.

What are Pool Water Pollutants?

Hair, Textile wastes, Leather scales, Oil, Soap remnants, Ointments, Sun creams, Mucus, Saly, Urine, Various microorganisms, etc.

Why is Pool Water Conditioned?

Destruction of bacteria and viruses, control of algae reproduction, disposal of organic substances, unpleasant smell and water to eliminate the color and so on. The pool is well suited for people and to prevent human health risks. regular maintenance should be done.

What is Alkalinity?

Alkalinity is the quantitative measure of acidic buffering capacity of water and the degree of resistance to water pH change. It refers to the total value of carbonates, bicarbonates and hydroxides dissolved in water.

What is Chlorine Affected?

The chlorine is an organic structure that has entered into it before it was broken up.

Why is pH important in pool waters?

The pH of the pool water is reacted with water to disinfect the chlorine, It plays an active role in the conversion of hypochlorous acid to hypochlorite ion which will kill.

CL2 + H2O <=> HCL + HOCL (HCL: Hydrochloric Acid)

(HOCL: Hypochlorous Acid) HOCL <=> H + + OCL-

(H +: hydrogen ion) (OCL-: hypochlorite ion)

What is Cooling Tower?

The hot water coming from the system is sprayed on the filling and the heat is given to the atmosfere cooling away from the environment. The cooling tower is a heat removal unit. It gives the unwanted heat in the system to the atmosphere by allowing some of the water that passes through to evaporate.

what is antiskalant?

The type and dosage of the "Antiskalant" chemical dosed to the reverse osmosis device feed water reduces the maintenance of the reverse osmosis membranes and prolongs its life; for this reason "Antiskalant" is the indispensable chemistry of the reverse osmosis system.

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