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What is water?

One of the basic stones of life is water, hydrogen and oxygen, which is a chemical formula H2O in which various substances are dissolved and are either in collodial form.

H2 +1/2 O2 H2O + heat (Q = 57,798 kcal / mol gr) The reaction heat is the formation heat of the water. In today's conditions, industrial water is used for many purposes. Methods used for industrial purposes are called water treatment methods.

why do our wrecks wrinkle?

Our skin cells are more complex than the fountain water due to the organelles and materials they possess. For this reason, when we stay in water for a long time, our skin cells get water and they swell. Due to the osmotic pressure of the water, the water tends to pass through the medium which is less dense than the medium which is heavily concentrated. The extremities of our parcels are caused by the skin folds forming fingerprints, it has a high number of skin cells. While the deep lower layer remains unchanged, the cells become inflamed by the upper layer that receives water.

What is drinking water?

The underground which is produced naturally in the geological units of the geological conditions and which is produced by decreasing or increasing the parametric values ​​that can be applied by disinfection, filtration, sedimentation, purification and similar processes that are continuously flowing from an outlet point or removed by technical methods and approved by the ministry. The water.

why is water treatment done?

With the development of the industry in the world and our country, steam boilers and cooling systems have become an indispensable part of the business. The most effective protective method to prevent the corrosion and corrosion of the systems and to reduce maintenance and operation costs is water conditioning.

Su Conditioning is done with two methods:

1- Pre-conditioning: Water is filtered through treatment units such as filtration, softening, demineralization, reverse osmosis. It is possible to slow down the formation of rust, but there is no solution without chemicals.

2-Chemical Conditioning: It is a very effective method against both formation of rust and corrosion. It is a method that will minimize the damages that can be caused in business and other usage fields. A program for the needs of the operator is selected and applied. In cases where the direct programs and chemicals are not applied, .





Example of corroded pipe

ideal for protection steam boiler

The end result of the wrong programs being implemented is fragmented examples from various businesses

Condensate return line with good chemical protection

Condensate return inner surface colouration

Calcined cold water supply line

Petrified steam boiler bottom sediment-mud

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